Hong Kong Apartment

Photographs by Benny Lam

1) Hong Kong ranked as the most livable city by The Economist
Over 100,000 people live in cubicle apartments in Hong Kong. Divided up from already small apartments, these rooms are only about 40 square feet. From resting to cooking, all activities take place in these tiny spaces.

2) Hong Kong ranked the freest economy for 18 consecutive years
Over 100,000 people live in only 40 square feet of space. With so little room, a folding chair is used as a desk, a place to rest and as a dining table.

3) Hong Kong is listed as one of the safest cities in the world
Property owners illegally restructure normal-sized apartments, dividing them up into tiny rooms. They reset the floor drain outlets, remove main walls and alter fire escape routes. This situation is a reality for over 100,000 people.

4) Hong Kong is among the most competitive business environments in the world
Over 100,000 people live in cubicle apartments measuring only 40 square feet. These spaces are overcrowded, sometimes with entire families living in one room. They have no choice but to use these tiny spaces as a living room, bedroom, kitchen and study.

5) Hong Kong has $650 billion of fiscal reserve
The price of housing is at an all time high in Hong Kong. Over 100,000 people are unable to afford adequate homes. Among them are elderly individuals and other socially vulnerable groups who have no choice but to live in these tiny 40-square-foot rooms.

While our city seems prosperous, many people still live in unacceptable conditions.
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