Common Ground

[ITA] Text and photographs by Giuseppe Fanizza

You may have several reasons to choose a non-aligned way of living and housing, to be not conditioned by the rules of the standard one, the family/property/apartment trinity.
If nothing else, the non-alignement itself, the remote possibility of escaping the machine, it is a good reason and is a common reason, whatever the nature of the given housing choices.

Then you have personal reasons, the ideologies, the individual stories, the inclusion in this or that social group. There are anarchists, environmentalists, adherents of various philosophies or beliefs, Catholics (more or less convincer), new and old hippies.
But all share the conscious and rational choice to move away from the aligned “society”, to avoid to leave it all to the market and the system: what food to eat, at what floor live, how to educate children, even how to be happy.

Leaving aside the ideological issues, the problems of Italian communities are extremely practical and the solutions have immediate consequences: legal recognition, communion of property, inheritance, education and custody of the children, division of the products of work.
The need for regulation is therefore a key issue, especially for stronger communities, those which, by history and size, have a natural influence on the network.
Therefore it is important to agree on a definition of “community”; no small thing, because the definition is by nature a setting of limits and thus involves the risk of excluding the realities that do not fit into that definition.

Common Ground is an effort to build a visual definition of alternative housing community, today in Italy, through a classification in progress of individuals, families, groups, collectives who practice alternative housing choices.