Cooperativa Agricola Valli Unite

Text and Photographs by Michela Battaglia

Valli Unite is an agricultural cooperative founded in Piedmont about thirty years ago by the passion of three young people with the desire to return to the land as today is no longer made.
Here they produce biological, in full respect of nature and consumers. Everything is driven by a passion that has been handed down from generation to generation, happy to accommodate those who want to marry the ideas and motivations of Valli Unite community.

And there is joy and the pleasure of sharing and participating, each according to their own inclinations and skills, then they find themselves in the evening in front of a glass of organic wine born from their harvests.
Coming in Valli Unite and get to know Ottavio, Romina, John, Carla, Dirk, Letizia, Lucile, Alexander and others, makes you feel immediately at home.