Forgotten Sculptures

Text and Photographs by Tatewaki Nio

Sao Paulo, the largest metropolis of Southern Hemisphere, has repeatedly experienced socioeconomic development and stagnation through the 20th century. Today, as became one of the emerging markets of the world, the city is enjoying and suffering the real estate speculation. After the economic up and down there are many abandoned huge modern buildings spread among the newly constructed ones.
More than 17 years have passed since I moved to Sao Paulo city of Brazil from suburb of Tokyo, Japan. At first, as a foreigner I was strongly shocked by the visual impact of fully graffiti covered modern ruins. Then, as a photographer, in 2006 I started to make series of photographs about the urban environment of Sao Paulo city focusing on its scrap-and-build and ruins.
Today the series titled Forgotten Sculptures has more than 80 works concluded and it is still on-going project. By the series, I want to talk not only about the characteristic of Sao Paulo’s cityscape but also about the transience of man’s creation toward the law of nature in a megacity.