Text and Photographs by Henk Wildschut.

The hereby published stills and videos by Henk Wildschut are an abstract of a much deeper and broader documentary work about shelters, touching different locations in Europe, such as Calais, the South of Spain, Dunkirk, Malta, Patras and Rome.
HABITAT strongly suggests to check the full work on WWW.HENKWILDSCHUT.COM.

The film ‘4.57 Minutes Back Home’ takes place in Calais with the sea as its backdrop. The sea, as a barrier between the dream and reality. For the film, Wildschut asked an Afghan boy to ‘phone his family – something that would normally be impossible for him because of the expense. The telephone conversation reveals a deeply human image of a boy who lives between two worlds; on the one hand his hopeless situation as an illegal immigrant in Calais, on the other the world that he left behind.