Text and Photographs by Michela Frontino & Francesca Catastini

Founded in 1995 as a laboratory of practical alternatives to the dominant social and economic model, the libertarian municipality of “Urupia” lives of its production activities: the cultivated fields, the kitchen garden, bread making, processing products of the land such as oil and wine.
As part of environmental sustainability the municipality creates his lifestyle with choices that involve the care of children, the use of cars, power management and natural resources in order to achieve energy self-sufficiency.

In 1996, the commune of Urupia has created the first Italian plant vertical wetland wastewater, along with a dense network of pipes for irrigation of culture in the countryside.
The intention of the Communards, Urupia, should represent the practical realization of of utopia: the ability to achieve a high level of self-sufficiency, political freedom and social solidarity through work and collective action, eliminating economic, sexual and cultural hierarchies.