Text, photographs and fanzine by Naima Faraò



V.I.A.(Willingly settled elsewhere) is a 1970 Km journey to discover an alternative Italy which is concealed among the woods. It is an artistic project which provides evidence of the settlements of the people who have chosen to live in close contact with nature, outside the modern social mechanisms. A witness of the existence of different groups of people who are able to conceive an original and different routine, free from the mental and economic conditioning imposed by society.

V.I.A is also a short guide for anyone who is attracted by a different lifestyle and is looking forward, even for a short while, to setting free from the conformism of our modern society.

A way back to simple things as: eating healthy food, support one another, barter, grow a vegetable garden, and carry out old crafts living outside a chaotic system, taking back the freedom of life without any existential burdens, looking forward to a greater self awareness thanks to the harmony with the others and nature.

Communities, eco-villages, neo-rural settlements, these are the proof of the fact that an alternative is possible; these are forms of subversion which epitomize routines of different systems.